Personal Site Response: Doll’s Head Trail

After following a series of fishing bobbers glued to trees for half a mile down the main trail of Constitution Lakes Park, I arrived at the Doll’s Head Trail loop. From a distance, I noticed an assortment of concentrated objects while entering the trail. The¬†atmosphere felt eerie to me, as I was relatively deep in the woods surrounded by strange objects. After more investigation, I noticed that each group of objects was put together by someone to represent something specific as opposed to being placed randomly without purpose. This changed my impression of the trail and the arrangements present from a general island of misfit toys to messages conveyed by artists through the medium of trash. Some of these displays, such as a doll resembling Chucky seemingly burned at the stake, seemed less meaningful and more amusing and disturbing for the purpose of intriguing the viewer. However, others were artistic expressions of personal opinions like a hollow television containing a popped basketball, camp fuel, an electronic device, a golf ball, and a can with the phrases, “FIERY RHETORIC”, “BURNT VISION”, “TOO MUCH SPORTS”, “ADS”, “STAY”, and “GADGETS WE DON’T NEED” written on them. Through this, the artist expressed to me that television programs are full of worthless things. The screen flashes things at us to attract our attention so that we stay, but gives us little useful substance. While dolls and doll heads were fairly common along the trail, I was surprised that there were not more. The name “Doll’s Head Trail” led me to believe that the purpose of the loop was art made from doll’s heads. However, analyzing it as a whole, I believe that the purpose of the doll heads is to draw people in so that there is an audience to receive the artists’ messages. Then the purpose of Doll’s Head Trail itself is to give people an open place to leave messages for other people to inspect and digest. Even after looking at all of the art and reading positive messages and quotes written on the objects, the place still had an eerie feeling. The swampy land and the old items gave me a heavy and strange feeling throughout my walk around the loop. Then leaving the trail, a stray dog ran at me, stared at me for a few seconds, and then ran back into the brush. This experience left me feeling much more spooked about the place than when I had first arrived. ¬†However, I did manage to leave my mark like all of the other artists who have contributed to the collection that makes up Doll’s Head Trail.

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