Library Office Hours Reflection

In my meeting with Ms. Madden, we went through my the questions I had about conducting research and finding sources. I explained to Ms. Madden that I had only used scholarly sources at that point, and I asked for suggestions on a method to find non-scholarly sources that are reliable. I was spending too much time reading through non-scholarly articles to then find them insufficient. She gave me an information sheet that was handed out during the library session class that I was unable to attend. She recommended searching through the databases listed on the sheet, Academic Search Complete, News & Newspapers, and Research Library, to find both scholarly and popular sources. I also expressed confusion about locating multimedia sources such as videos. Ms. Madden then showed me how to use the online library Catalog to find related video sources, and she demonstrated a search then sent me a link for reference. We then discussed the use of statistics in research and where useful sources for statistics can be found. She located a guide on finding statistics sources created by GSU librarians and emailed me the link. I told Ms. Madden that I felt like I put too much emphasis on the summaries of my sources in my annotated bibliography, and she said that using the given summaries for reference could help me limit the depth of my summaries. My meeting with Ms. Madden helped me feel more comfortable navigating through the library’s online resources and put me at a good starting point for finding diverse kinds of sources to give balance to my annotated bibliography.

This is the link to the guide on finding statistics:

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