Formatting WordPress Posts: Hanging Indents

To add a hanging indent your WordPress posts, select Text in the top righthand corner above the text box,Visual is the default view setting.

Once you change the view to Text, identify the section of text you would like to format and paste <p style=”margin-left:.5in;text-indent:-.5in”> at the very beginning of the section and </p> at the very end.

The screenshots walk through the process visually with annotations and show the final result.

Reorganization/Optimization of Blog

Good organization is the most important factor in creating a website. If a website has poor organization, it can be very difficult to find any of the content. Menus are a very effective method you can use in organizing a website. It is important to have enough menu items, without creating so many that the menu bar feels overcrowded. If you don’t have enough menu items, this can lead to too many submenus, causes confusion of where to find things. On the other hand, an overcrowded menu with a ton of items is unpleasant to look at and use. I thought that creating a menu item for each of the categories required for the class was too overcrowded, therefore I put the projects under a menu item named “Major Projects”, and I put archive categories under a menu item named “Archive”.

Using Word Press to tweak my website to have better organization, I selected “Appearance” and then the submenu “Menus”. Then I created a new Menu and made it the “top menu” so it would appear on my website. Next, I created the required categories for the class which are Artifact, Sound, Image, SOS, Tech, Conversations, SiteDescriptions, ReadingResponses, AnnotatedBibs, Glossary, and ClassNotes by selecting “Posts”, then the submenu “Categories” , and creating the categories. Afterwards, I created the categories Major Projects and Archive to place other categories underneath. Then I returned to the “Menus” area and added the categories to my Main Menu, and I organized them the way I wanted them to appear on my website by dragging and dropping them to the ideal order and hierarchy.